Friday, April 27, 2012

Mezza in training

Well, this did NOT occur on April 27! I only finally figured out how to get this going more smoothly, so now you get to see my updates in a format that works a bit better than Facebook does for journal entries. I'll add in some of the older video and photos from time to time for comparison. The photo below was taken about 2 weeks before Mezza's 2nd birthday.

This blog is designed to capture my journey with Mezza. Mezza is a 2-year old filly that belongs to Dawn Dooley. I've been working with Mezza for nearly 1 year on ground work. Recently I've introduced a western saddle to replace the English, as I like using the fenders on the western. Shown above is Ben Grogen, demonstrating how to desensitize to fenders. With input from Ben, and additional assistance from Jill Wolf, Mezza is progressing with her turns on fores, hinds, her backing, leading and stopping.

Below is a later workout with fender desensitization.

I plan to do more with fenders, ropes, and longing. Check back each week!

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