Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mezza's 2nd Show

Dawn and I trailered Mezza over to the Indiana Equestrian Center for her second show on August 19th.
We loaded Mezza in a different spot, and she was a little flustered, so I took her out of the trailer and re-loaded her. She settled in and we were on our way. No problem with the un-loading at the center, and she got to eat while I put on her hoof shine, re-groomed her and Dawn put on her show halter (which is finally getting easier to unbuckle--those new ones need plenty of conditioner and work!)

Mezza behaved herself quite well,  and did a wonderful job!

This time for the halter class there was no "mouth check", but again, a very quick squaring up was required.

For the Showmanship class we had a new pattern, which was not a problem. The class had about 8 or 9 entries.

Going through the groundwork and preparation for showing covers so much of what a horse needs in basic training. It also requires getting up really early, and working with the horse a bit before she's ever loaded to go, but the show itself is so worth it! You will notice that our backing is not straight, something to practice, and more work is needed on the head down at the trot. Horses are so truthful, we cannot 'fib' our way through, they always point out the (my) weak spots that need extra work!!  : )

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