Sunday, April 14, 2013

On with weekly posts...

Training with Mezza ground to a standstill last September as I moved our horses and then underwent two surgeries.

Now, aside from the weather and occasional schedule flexing, Dawn trailers Mezza out once a week so we can work together. It is a great experience for her to trailer on a regular basis, and over the past month she has trailered without Luna, her dam, on board.

We are currently working on her long-lining and ground driving, while testing out various saddles on her. She is growing, but still fits in a semi-quarter. These two photos were taken in March, courtesy of Dawn Dooley.

 I was really proud of her this past Sunday, as it was fairly windy, and she didn't get it a thought! Dawn and I froze, but Mezza still has most of her winter coat and seemed to enjoy the session much better than the week before, when it was warm and she got itchy and she wanted to roll with the saddle on!

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