Sunday, June 5, 2016

Back at the Equestrian Center...

Sunday I loaded up Miss Mezza without Scout. Mezza rather thought that stunk, and she was asked back into the trailer 4 or 5 times before she decided it was easier to stay than to turn and come back out (sigh). She definitely likes a buddy, and I definitely need to be that buddy when we are together, and hope that this summer will help her confidence with that.

This time we were able to get into the center, and there was a show going on. Still plenty of room to park. Honestly, Mezza handled everything well!  I met up with Vanessa and her young horse, Whiskey, and Joann, who was riding Vanessa's other horse, Lady. Mezza was immediately happy to see them, although she squealed at the gelding, go figure.

Notice the breast collar--it really did help!

My friends went out to ride on alone, while I warmed Mezza up briefly in the round pen. When Mezza and I finished, I took her over to the warm-up arena to start with. I hadn't even gotten on when a judge came in to explain that he needed the arena for a short time for a class. So, we exited, and Mezza and I started off our ride out in the trail course. All good : )

Vanessa and Joann arrived back, and all of us headed through the show participants and attendees and took the loop around the inside of the equestrian center. Mezza did not bat an eye at anything going on. What I did have to address was her desire to suck up to the horses in front of her. So, everything she started to get close to one of them I disengaged her a couple of times and had her relax and wait until they others were farther ahead. A little over half way around she figured it out, and was happy to follow along without here nose close to anyone's tail.

By the time we completed our loop, the arena was free, so we went in and practiced going everywhere (without getting stuck anywhere) at the walk and trot. Again we had to work at giving up the buddy sour business. It was all good in the end!

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