Thursday, June 28, 2012

Old and new

This evening was cool--what a joy!  I stalked Mezza in the round pen and then we did some in-hand work on turns and backing before going down to the indoor for tacking up.

Once tacked up with the saddle, I had Mezza do some walk trot on a short rope in the halter, then asked her to stand while I did some review of desensitization with the rope hitting the saddle on each side.  She did well with that, so I put her in her side pull, and had her longe on a long line both directions at walk and trot over poles. We followed that by adding the rope to the second side, and I long lined her around the indoor arena. Her turns are getting better each time.

We finished by de-tacking and doing some neck bends. On the way back to the pen we practiced out trotting at side (no flat halter/chain). It was a good time!

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