Monday, June 4, 2012

Wet Pony

I stalked Mezza and practiced for the show (used both halters, and did longe with the chain on, but not attached to the lead, just hooked on the flat halter), and then got out the spray bottle--what a change--after the first few moments of insecurity she let me spray her entire body!!
Then I took a bucket with water and a sock, and I wet down her entire body!!

The puddle wasn't as easy--she finally walked through the mud, but was still hopping over the actual water part, so I left it at a nice walk through the mud and we walked on out to the out door, where I turned her out for a bit. The we continued our walk down to the east end and all the way back up along the road. Stopped at the trailer a moment (for practice) while I got her a few timothy pellets, then continued on to her run. A really good day.

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