Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mezza Practice... Wednesday, July 23

Today Mezza got a variety of practice: We started in the round pen where she bounced a bit, then trimmed all the plant life within easy reach.

We longed at the walk and trot in both directions, did  several turns on the fores, and just enough turns on the hinds to stop at a really nice place!

Then I ground tied her in the center of the pen, practiced squaring her up, and groomed her. She is so easy to groom right now, and her tail is still really well conditioned and combs out easily.

We left the round pen and walked over to the gooseneck trailer. She eyed the Alpacas suspiciously for a few minutes. Then I opened up the back, and loaded her up twice, nice and easy. Didn't hurt that there was a little left over hay toward far end of the trailer!  I turned her to take her out and she hopped right out both times after waiting for me.

We will need to revisit the stall for backing out a little longer, and then we can work on backing out of the trailer. A good day!

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