Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mezza Saturday

It was warm, but Mezza was happy to come out. I stalked her, then asked for some small circles on a long lead rope at the walk and at the trot. We practiced walking, stopping, and a few turns.

We left the round pen and went into the barn to groom and tack up. The flies are awful this time of year, and I am so proud of her the way she stands for the fly spray!

Once groomed and tacked up we headed back up to the round pen and longed at the walk and trot on the longer line using the side pull. I then added the second line, and practiced flipping each line over her back; she stands really well for that.

We practiced in the long lines and worked a little on turns along the rail. We finished the lines by having me ground drive her a short distance, whoa, and then back. I removed the lines and side pull, put her halter back on, and out we went for a walk to the east end of the property. We practiced the trot at side and the turn on the hinds briefly in the outdoor arena and then headed for the trailer.

At the trailer I tied her, gave her a little hay, and unsaddled and took off her sport boots. We walked back to her pen, and I took off her halter and rubbed her and said 'good by'.

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