Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Mezza

We worked on one of the things that I've been hoping to start for quite a while--ponying Mezza!  After spending a bit of time with her in the round pen doing a bit of review on basics, Dawn brought in Luna, and Schantel rode her around while I walked along with Mezza to see if they'd be polite like Mother and Daughter should be...and they were.

Then Shantel took Mezza's lead and off they went circling the round pen. So then Dawn got on Luna and repeated the ponying in both directions. Finally I got on Luna and did the same. Something to continue to expand upon!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hoss & Scout update

As of June Scout has again had back (SI) issues.  Scout's lower back has been swollen on and off since the middle of June. For the past several weeks he's been fully focused on trying to eat on the trail. In Scout's mind that means when he attempts to pull down to eat and I ask him to walk on he backs... even downhill (thankfully we have avoided the canal).I've been running cold water over it after we ride, followed by Sore No More. That seemed to work well at first, but it is not so much now, and he no longer extends at the walk and trot. The chiropractor came out and she worked on loosening his muscles and gave him some B12 injections. This has helped somewhat, although I have not been cleared to ride him yet, as his joint area is still sore. We have been ground driving and hand walking/trotting. Yesterday he seemed a lot more comfortable : )

Hoss' 19th Birthday

As for Hoss, he has been doing great--however, he came up with an abscess in his left rear hoof two days ago, so he's getting some special attention for that, which he seems to take in stride. We've been working on the left lead and bending, and he is taking that lead more and more now that he's fusing on that right hock. That should help even out his muscles a bit if we can keep that up!

Hoss and I recently went on a nice ride up to Tucker Lake, and then repeated it just last week. He really does love the trails!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mezza work continues....

I've been lax in my updates, but Dawn has been faithfully trailering Mezza to the Equestrian Center nearly every Sunday since early spring so that we can work together.

We practice our groundwork, trailer loading (working on backing out of the trailer), long lining, ground driving, water crossing.....yikes, lots of stuff!

Here are several pics showing highlights of this spring and summer. I am so proud of her!

I am looking forward to working on ponying her off of her dam, Luna, in the near future and continuing with her ground driving work so that we can drive her out of the round pen and eventually along the path around the Equestrian Center. She is starting to grow her withers up, and get some more height, but at 3 years and 3 months there is still plenty of time to practice while she continues to grow and get ready for riding! : )

Long lining

getting used to water

Dawn and Mezza practice in the trailer

Polly helping with part of desensitizing Mezza for sitting on her

The other side...

From above...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scout and Hoss updates

I have been riding/working both Scout and Hoss on a regular basis (each 3 or 4 X per week) since I healed from my surgeries back at the end of November.

It's exciting to say that except for a few set backs such as a minor abscess for Scout, and what appears to be a mild strain due to a tripping for Hoss, both horses are doing great! We are so greatful to have an indoor arena to work in when the footing is lousy (such as today, with a soppy 14" of melting snow on the ground, and chilly temps).

I did turn them out, and Scout decided he had to roll (thankfully in a snowy section) and then self-exercise for a good 10 minutes before we went indoors to pick the ice chunks he'd accumulated out of his front hooves and do some cool down exercising.

Hoss simply meandered when I turned him out. He's still a bit sore on the left front leg, so we just went indoors, picked his hooves and walked about. He's getting some aspirin in his pellets, which he sniffs, then refuses to eat, so I've been adding a top dressing of things. Pretty darn good at picking carrot pieces out, so we mixed in just enough sweet feed...may just need a few more days of this!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

On with weekly posts...

Training with Mezza ground to a standstill last September as I moved our horses and then underwent two surgeries.

Now, aside from the weather and occasional schedule flexing, Dawn trailers Mezza out once a week so we can work together. It is a great experience for her to trailer on a regular basis, and over the past month she has trailered without Luna, her dam, on board.

We are currently working on her long-lining and ground driving, while testing out various saddles on her. She is growing, but still fits in a semi-quarter. These two photos were taken in March, courtesy of Dawn Dooley.

 I was really proud of her this past Sunday, as it was fairly windy, and she didn't get it a thought! Dawn and I froze, but Mezza still has most of her winter coat and seemed to enjoy the session much better than the week before, when it was warm and she got itchy and she wanted to roll with the saddle on!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scout as of February, 2013

My huband, Mike, videoed this "progress report" for Scout, who is now under saddle again, after undergoing S I joint injections and shock wave therapy along his entire back in December.

Our goal is to start out going straight, walk and trot, and build back up muscle. You will notice the twitch in his head, but he is light, and moves out easily. We are exercising every other day.