Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scout and Hoss updates

I have been riding/working both Scout and Hoss on a regular basis (each 3 or 4 X per week) since I healed from my surgeries back at the end of November.

It's exciting to say that except for a few set backs such as a minor abscess for Scout, and what appears to be a mild strain due to a tripping for Hoss, both horses are doing great! We are so greatful to have an indoor arena to work in when the footing is lousy (such as today, with a soppy 14" of melting snow on the ground, and chilly temps).

I did turn them out, and Scout decided he had to roll (thankfully in a snowy section) and then self-exercise for a good 10 minutes before we went indoors to pick the ice chunks he'd accumulated out of his front hooves and do some cool down exercising.

Hoss simply meandered when I turned him out. He's still a bit sore on the left front leg, so we just went indoors, picked his hooves and walked about. He's getting some aspirin in his pellets, which he sniffs, then refuses to eat, so I've been adding a top dressing of things. Pretty darn good at picking carrot pieces out, so we mixed in just enough sweet feed...may just need a few more days of this!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

On with weekly posts...

Training with Mezza ground to a standstill last September as I moved our horses and then underwent two surgeries.

Now, aside from the weather and occasional schedule flexing, Dawn trailers Mezza out once a week so we can work together. It is a great experience for her to trailer on a regular basis, and over the past month she has trailered without Luna, her dam, on board.

We are currently working on her long-lining and ground driving, while testing out various saddles on her. She is growing, but still fits in a semi-quarter. These two photos were taken in March, courtesy of Dawn Dooley.

 I was really proud of her this past Sunday, as it was fairly windy, and she didn't get it a thought! Dawn and I froze, but Mezza still has most of her winter coat and seemed to enjoy the session much better than the week before, when it was warm and she got itchy and she wanted to roll with the saddle on!