Monday, April 20, 2015

Working on Transitions from the Seat

Last week Dawn brought Mezza back to the equestrian center after a rain/snow delay of a couple of weeks. This time I got to work with Mezza on changing gaits from the seat, (which I am still working on myself). She was a lot less energetic than the last riding session!

The right side (going to the right) was a lot easier for her than to the left. Not sure what's up.

Here are two of the clips....

Mezza Now 5!

Hard to believe that Mezza is growing up!  Today is actually her 5th birthday.
Dawn, her owner, brings her to the local equestrian center once or twice a month, depending on our erratic weather, where I can work with and ride her.

In the interim between blog posts Mezza has gone on with her walk, trot and canter under saddle.
Then, this past January and February, Mezza went to Kansas, where Dawn's daughter, Jenn, has a friend who trains in a reining barn, and Mezza got her first taste of intense, consistent riding work.
When she returned at the end of February, she was buff!

Dawn brought her out to the equestrian center several weeks later, and I got the chance to ride her again. I wanted to try some loose rein techniques on her for relaxation, and she did wonderfully.
Here is one of the videos.