Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Settling In

Yesterday's weather gave us a break, and except for the mud everything else was welcome!  It was mild, sunny, no bugs.
Mezza is adjusting to her neighbors, a gaited pony and an Appy. I had pulled her blanket in the morning, and she'd taken full advantage of the mud and sun. So, we did some grooming. The below pics are before, but I must say I didn't get all of it!

Mezza has decided the hay belongs on the ground, not in the feeder...

Today, when I arrived in the afternoon, Mezza was happy to see me, and waited while I groomed Scout, my Mustang, and handgrazed him. I introduced them across the fence. No squealing or antics, Mezza was more interested in him than he in her, as he was all about grazing. When I finished with him, she politely waited for me to groom her, and then we went for a short graze and short walk, followed by grain/supplement and ending with putting fly repellant in her ears and a fly mask on. 

Mezza (center) with Kirk, left, and Sugar, right.

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