Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Third Week with Mezza...

Lots of good things are happening, little by little. I have been taking advantage of the heifer pen as much as possible, since today the heifers left for the high country : (

When not muddy, Mezza and I have been hand walking in the heifer pen; doing ground work in there, and then doing mounted work. She has been learning she can move the 3 heifers, who are quite gentle.

In hand...

Waiting for action...

Ah ha...let's watch it!

Riding around and past the 'girls'

Hanging out and watching

We also reviewed the trailer a few days ago, since she had been somewhat uptight about it the day she arrived. We literally spent an hour practicing loading and unloading, with short walks and breaks in between. At the end, she simply relaxed, sighed and stood, let me back her out, came back in, and finally backed out for me a last time in a nice, relaxed state. 

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