Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July with Mezza...

We can now ride with the log. Around and around we go....

 One of the plus' of ground driving!

Here is the video link--there is a big void of action at the beginning, so scroll at least a third of the way. My appologies!

This month has sped by so quickly. I have been riding Mezza in the heifer pen, and out at the equestrian center. We have gotten somewhere with the log (OK, it is really a branch--check out our video). We have also been spending time hand walking on the trail in the open space--near the traffic, crossing the road, and up along the canal. She handles that beautifully.

She is not upset by all the goings-on at the local shows, but we did spend quite a bit of time on focusing and refocusing on our latest ride there. Not skittish, just plenty curious about everything going on and was plenty happy to leave the trail group to go check (other) things out. Well, we are not ready for Golden Gate Canyon yet (check out that butterfly and you'll be at the bottom of a gorge)!

Checking out the logs on the trail

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