Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ground Work....

Well, today was a ground work day. Now that Mezza is feeling like zooming so much, I thought we'd go through some basic ground work, practice some transitions including trot/canter and then play with our log (ok, more like a branch). The heifer pen area is fine for walk/trot, but not great riding at erratic, higher speeds. Too many speed bumps and obstacles!

OK, I'm waiting, what do you want now?

I took my camera, but didn't take video. She is coming along on the slowing--she starts nicely at the walk, the trot is still a little fast, and initially she zooms at the canter and I may need to change directions a bit. Then she slows and we can start transitions. Not the order I'd prefer, but going ok.

We also need to practice some bending separately on a shorter line, although I'm starting to see more of it. We played with the log afterward, and had a couple of times where the rope ran across her hocks when we turned. She was unflustered. We will keep on this. : )

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