Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday, back at the Equestrian Center

Scout, Mezza and I met my friend, Vanessa, and her gelding, Whiskey for a ride. It was hot, but we all had a good time.
Mezza was in heat, and decided that focus was not her thing, every horse she saw was intensely appealing. : (  So, we spent time working through that. We started in the round pen. She was that distracted!
She and I finished in the big arena. While Whisky worked on his canter and various manuvers, we worked on basics. Much better than where we'd started, if not exactly what I'd hoped for. After a lot of lateral flexion before she was ready to wait for me to ask for something, such as a disengage, and many walk/trot transitions, as we wove left, right, left.... we finally were able to lope the length of the big arena each way nicely. A good note to finish on.

During this time, Scout was tending to the weeds in a small pen, patiently waiting. I traded out Mezza for Scout. She got to relax and weed eat while Scout joined Whiskey on the trail around the center.

It was a nice day. I am in debt to Vanessa and Whiskey for being so patient!

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