Friday, May 4, 2012

Hoss & Scout trailer around the block

I loaded up both Hoss and Scout today, and trailered them around in a big circle (a couple of miles).
My stomach didn't complain as it had been in the past weeks, and both boys loaded smoothly and stood like champs. Hoss waited patiently to be tied while I tied his hay net in first!

Scout of course appreciated the hay net because the holes in Hoss' are bigger, and he can sneak out hay from it where it hangs just below the bottom of the trailer partition.

At the unloading, Hoss couldn't quite wait for me to untie, so he got to load back up!  I think I saw him form the words "Oops" as he realized I wasn't going to leave it at that.  We'll keep going to nearby places and practicing, but this is soooooo much better!

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