Friday, May 4, 2012

Mezza and the obstacles

Today Mezza and I worked on several things in addition to our regular walking, stopping, turning and backing etc. ...
We practiced her walk and trot in-hand at side, and her right "eye" side is doing so much better!

We also tacked up and played in the field with the obstacles, which she really did enjoy!  There is more work to be done on keeping her out of my space when she's unsure of something. But we had a good time and she now has several new objects to add to her list of "friendly" things.

I wish I had video of her rolling with my saddle on! LOL-- I asked her to turn and take her circle in the sand the other direction and she gave a good bounce, did an uncoordinated turn on the hinds and her feet slid right out from beneath her!  Tom had just groomed the sand in the area, and it was really loose--when she went down, instead of getting up she decided it felt so good she'd roll over--I could only laugh (and ask her to get up before she continued to roll with the saddle).

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