Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mezza "at side" work

May 2, 2012
This occurred yesterday, actually. I got home just in time to clean up and go off to a meeting, after which I was too ready for bed!
I put out the tack and everything in the barn, planning to tack her up in there after we spent a little focus time in the round pen. Being that there was another horse in the round pen, I looked after our two first, and when I came back to get Mezza it was later than planned, and I was plumb tired!  She was also a mess!

Thus, it was the perfect day to practice some stalking, and ground tying for grooming. She did well at this--she is learning that if I leave her to do her own thing for about 10 min., then come back, if she blows me off, I will stalk her and she'll have to move!  She is learning (and I am too) that if she can come in and stay with me, focus, and follow directions, I will quit sending her off!

Thus, we finished stalking (after a few initial tries, where I had to send her back out). Then she followed me to get her lead, and then after going back in the the center I asked her to "stand" and pulled gently down on the lead at the same time. I had to ask her to move twice when she lost attention and started to move herself off. Otherwise she cleaned up and picked up her feet very well :)

I was psyched, so we worked on the walk and trot by side--one both sides. She is a pro even at the trot in-hand when she's on my right, but the off side needs more work. Her backing at side when I back is getting real good, as are her turns on fores and hinds. I will try to get video soon! She was out for 40min.

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