Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Watching and learning


Today I watched as Ben worked with Lightning. Many of these things I am learning to do with Mezza.
Captured with camera are giving/flexing work with the head, and a lot of desensitization work with tying and throwing/spinning ropes.

Next time I'll get the camera out faster, as I missed a lot of the asking for the turns on fores and hinds!


Today Scout got a walk, grooming treatment, followed by Sore No More and icing (no, not the kind on the cake!)  He gave me quite the look, but did well with the ice and water in a bag!

His inflammation is mostly gone, although the lower back is still sore. We need to start working a little more, even if it's on the straight as in ground driving, or just walking and trotting, as you notice he's lost most of his rump muscles!

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